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[FIC] Your Voice

Title: Your Voice
Genre: Mystery, probably pre-slash, AU
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairing(s): USxUK
Rating: PG
Word count: 722
Warnings: None
Notes: A variation of a story that I wrote for an English assignment in high school. Written for usxuk ‘s 2011 Special Relationship Sweethearts week.
Summary: A mysterious voice leads Alfred deep into the forest.

Your Voice

The world was slowly fading away into the darkness. In this overwhelming silence Alfred could only hear the beating of his own heart. And he felt as if the world was listening to each of his breaths and watching all of the steps he took.

Suddenly a high scream cut through the air and cold chills went down his body. It was too dark to see anything. Silver streams ran down his face as terrible images flew through his mind. He closed his eyes tightly just to erase these pictures. He wanted to forget, to never again go through something like that. A cold hand touched his shoulder and when he opened his eyes no one was there.

“Do not fear me,” something whispered into his ear. “Do not let this sadness overwhelm you.”

The boy trembling listened to the faint words.

“Please listen to the will of the holder of your deepest dreams.”

Alfred stood up and as if lead by some mysterious power slowly went deeper and deeper into the dead darkness of the mysterious forest that no one was supposed to enter. He didn’t know what made him brave enough to step foot into this forbidden space. Was it the self-proclaimed courage that wanted to see the mysteries that seemed to be hiding deep into the woods, or was it the voice that kept ringing in his head and couldn’t leave him. What made them so special? What was it about them that he wasn’t feeling afraid? Was it the calm and reassuring tone of the voice as if it was speaking to someone precious to it? Or was there something else? He felt as if whoever it was they knew him through and through. The feeling of a complete understanding of what was happening outside and the warm spark of happiness, as if he was going to meet someone dear to him that he hadn’t seen in years only made him walk faster, almost running through the forest. How did he know where to go? It was as if his legs knew themselves which path to take, which turn, he didn’t think and just let himself the swallowed by those feelings.

All of his questions disappeared when he arrived there. Standing in that place and looking at the person (was it even a human? Or was it ghost? He seemed so human to him that Alfred couldn’t even tell himself) he couldn’t think or feel anything. He was completely empty. Then the other being turned around and looked directly into his eyes, blue met green and Alfred suddenly felt alive again, as if just by existing they gave him a reason to live. Unable to keep stand any longer on his shaking legs he fell on the cold ground clutching his head, through which so many emotions were running that made him feel dizzy.

In a second he was next to him. And the throbbing pain seemed to disappear when he was near. Alfred felt something warm on his shoulders, just like before, but now the cold turned into warmth. When he looked at the other person he was just kneeling beside him, his shoulders free of any hands. He seemed to be saying something, his mouth slowly forming words that he just could hear, could understand. Then he smiled, and Alfred thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

“Thank you for coming here. Thank you for being here. Thank you.” the same voice said and he couldn’t see the other saying anything. But the constant ’Thank you’ was still ringing in his head.

The warmth and the so familiar voice suddenly made him very sleepy. He could feel his eyes slowly closing and he could see the ground coming closer and closer. Then it stopped and he realized the other one caught him and was holding him close. He felt a gentle hand stroke his hair. As he was falling more and more into the deep sleep he could hear words whispered so softly, “I’ll keep you safe, I won’t let anything harm you. Don’t worry about anything and just sleep. I’ll protect you,” and Alfred just knew that he could believe him. With the feel of the hand on his hair he fell into a dreamless sleep, for the first time in months.

The end.

A/N: Ok, this was weird... Don’t really know myself what I wanted to do with this. Just some mystery story…

Tags: fic

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